Quotation Management On the Go

Use EMAC software to produce top-notch quotes that match industry standards. You no longer need to use a separate quotation software or manage multiple spreadsheets.
  • Produce:
    • • Create multiple quote description and inclusion/exclusion templates.
    • • Include Terms & Conditions when necessary.
    • • Add documents, images, tables or inventory items.
    • • Generate multiple quote variations.
    • • Customise a quote by including/excluding an itemised breakdowns with individual pricings.
  • Monitor:
    • • Track the status of a quote with an acceptance form.
    • • Data from approved quotes gets automatically replicated under your current jobs.
    • • Determine cost and sell rates of each quoted item for an estimate of profit margins.
  • Organise:
    • • Assign quoted items to categories to ensure transparency in project quoting and tendering.
    • • Easily search for an individual quote in your database.

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