How secure is my information?
Your information is located on a secure server with 24 hr security and redundancy. You are the only person that has access to your user details.
Do I have to pay for support?
No. Support is included in the monthly user fee.
How do I get in touch with EMAC if I have a question?
1. You can email a support question with a screen shot directly from your account. 2. You can email [email protected] and you will receive a response on that day or at the start of the next days working hours.
How do I get my training or learn how to use the software to get the best value for my business?
We offer free training sessions daily and can share your screen to talk you through different scenarios. All training is provided at a master user level.
Can I block other staff members from seeing each others jobs?
Yes. You can choose if you want staff to see all jobs or only the jobs that have been assigned to themselves.
I don't want my staff to see the quoted price of the jobs.
Tech accounts do not let the users see any financial values within the system. They are also not able to view quotes and invoices.
What if I have a senior staff member who requires extra access privileges?
All of the user types have adjustable user privileges. This feature allows total flexibility on the access you give to every individual that works within your business.
Can I invoice a job before it is complete?
Yes. You can create multiple invoices for any job at any stage of the job progress.
Can I attach the services report to an invoice?
Yes you can attach service reports when emailing invoices.
Can I create progress claim invoices? And how can I monitor what to claim each month?
Yes. Invoices can be used to create progress claims. To calculate the monthly progress claim the job costing can be filtered via date.
Can I add my terms and conditions to my quotes?
Yes. There is an optional tick box to add terms and conditions to each quote if required.
Can I create periodic or reoccurring jobs and add them to the scheduler?
Yes. Periodic maintenance jobs can be created and will trigger to create reoccurring current jobs.
Can I use EMAC on my phone?
Yes. All of the pages that you require for mobile use in EMAC are mobile compatible. The software detects the size of your screen and changes the layout to a mobile view.
Do I need to install an app to use EMAC?
No. You can use email via your phone or tablets web browser?
Do I need to buy tablets for all of my staff?
You will find that your staff will be happy using EMAC on their phones. Although a tablet is recommended for signature capture on service reports.
Do I have to pay for updates?
No. EMAC is constantly updated to continually improve the product.