Online Job Management

With EMAC cloud software you can access and manage your data from any device in a fast and secure way - in the field, in the office or on the go.
  • Stay in control:
    • • Set up different levels of access for each user or user group.
    • • View and alter job costs and item sell rates prior to invoicing.
  • Automate:
    • • Assign labour to a job and it will automatically create a timesheet entry.
    • • Stay on top of your job financials, which get automatically updated every time you issue an invoice, or add labour or other expenses.
  • Generate Reports:
    • • Create one or multiple service reports for a job.
    • • Produce RFIs.
  • Organise:
    • • Sort all jobs by ‘Client’ or ‘Job Location’.
    • • Organize all jobs by their completion status.
    • • Add materials to a job from inventory.
    • • Add job expenses and fees, such as accommodation or equipment rental charges.
    • • Add notes, files or images to jobs.
  • Coordinate:
    • • Email jobs to different staff members.
    • • Assign tasks to all staff, individual users or user groups.
  • Monitor:
    • • Enter and monitor arrival and departure times or a total number of hours spent on each job

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