Integrate Tom Tom GPS with EMAC's real time management and billing software

When your team is mobile and on the move, there's a fair chance you'll spend a lot of time updating them, over the phone or indeed face to face, on the progress of current jobs.
But there is a better, more efficient way to do this.

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Keep track of every aspect of your business, anytime and anywhere.

Emac is an intelligent cloud based – and real time – job management and billing tool which lets you stay up to date with your current projects, and saves you money by reducing labour downtime, improving efficiency in the office and helping to highlight problem areas in business productivity.

And the best thing is, because it integrates seamlessly with Tom Tom Fleet Software – it means all jobs can be sent directly from the job management system, directly to the GPS device of tradies that are working on your team.

That's great news when you're looking to save time, maximise job efficiency and improve the productivity of your business.

Why it pays to use Emac for your business

Emac helps you to make money too, as it allows you to calculate job margins before time of invoice – ruling out any jobs to be invoiced at a less than targeted profit margin. Here's some more reasons why many trade businesses are choosing to work with Emac:
  • Better job transparency Stay on top of current jobs with instant, up-to-date information. Track your project costings, monitor profit margins and add labour time, materials and expenses while in the field.
  • Quick and easy invoicing Generate simple, easy to understand. Send them straight from Emac to your Xero Software account.
  • Efficient inventory Add inventory items to a job or purchase order. Slash materials ordering time. Be certain that your clients pay the same rate for material, time after time.
  • Less paperwork With a timesheet function it means jobs are automatically recorded as soon as you add your working hours to a job – saving you mountains of paperwork.


Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000, you can optimise efficiency and improve productivity across your business with TomTom fleet management.
  • Instantly update orders and send job details direct to your staff on the road.
  • Keep a track of your vehicles and help processes run smoother.
  • Save time, maximise job efficiency and improve the productivity of your business.


Work smarter, not harder
and save your business valuable time and money

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